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Thank you for your interest in our Hungarian Tasting Day Event :)

Let`s see the details 

When? - 29 of May 2021, Saturday


From 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Where? - 16 Nevada Avenue, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland, NZ

Come and try our traditional 150-year-old family recipe-based sausages, salami and freshly baked bbq sausages, rice and liver sausages. Enjoy the spicey and mild paprika taste.

Our brand name is TURI (you can read more about our brand on the website).

New Zealand is the country on the bbq, so we make unrivalled bbq sausages, which is easy to hop on the hot grill, fast to pop in the mouth.

For the really gourmet people, who is brave to try our authentic flavour, we can offer that odd delicacy: pork liver pate, rice&liver sausages products.

And if we are using the smoker, why do not smoke to the delicious NZ cheeses, and give some extra flavour to them. The smoke gives the extra taste to the delicates, and make a big happy smile on the face of the gourmet people. Try our smoked cheeses also!

If you want to share this extraordinary flavour with your family members, your friends, you will also have the opportunity to buy the products then.


Be the king of bbq on the last hottest days.

For sure your neighbours haven't tried yet. You will bring the most unique flavour products to your dinner table.

Welcome to come to our special tasting event :) See you soon

Feel free to look around on my website :)

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