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Szilvia Nagy

Szilvia`s Little Kitchen

owner/founder - chef


Lajos Nagy

Szilvia`s Little Kitchen


Welcome everyone to Szilvia`s Little Kitchen website

My name is Szilvia (surprise :) ).  My husband, Lajos, and I founded Szilvia`s Little Kitchen company, several years ago.   

I would like to introduce ourselves and our business to you.

We moved to New Zealand from Hungary in 2014 with my family. Since arriving, we have wanted to produce the missing Hungarian and European flavours here.

Our products tastes are always authentic, unique, memorable and really delicious.

We quarantine 100% Hungarian flavours.


Over the years, we have come up with more and more products.

All our products are 100% handcrafted and made from natural materials. 

Our smoked sausages and salamis are based on our own 150-year-old Hungarian family recipe, what we call TURI (you can read more about our brand below).

New Zealand is the country of the bbq, so we make unrivalled bbq sausages, which is easy to pop on the hot grill, fast to pop in the mouth.

For the really gourmet people, who are brave to try our authentic flavour, we can offer unusual delicacies: pork liver pate, rice&liver sausages products.

For all pork belly lovers: We cook or/and marinate, after smoking them in our cold smoker, with Manuka wood chips. resulting in a unique taste. You must taste them!

And also smoke the delicious NZ cheeses, which gives some extra favour to them.

We know well, everybody loves sweets. We bring to you the taste of other generations, the European and the deservedly famous Hungarian cookies and cakes.

Our unique catering meals, canape foods all are very nice to the eye and the tummy. 

Of course, we are constantly expanding our offering, making new products, and showing these to our wonderful customers.


There is a great opportunity to taste something special, something new! 

Like my Facebook page, Instagram page, subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to get that gastronomy delights.

I hope I will see you soon.

Have a nice day


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Our smallgoods brand: the TURI 

All of our products are handcrafted with love from 100% natural ingredients and authentic Hungarian recipes.

TURI Smoked Pork Sausages (mild or hot)
TURI Smoked  Salami 
TURI Pork Sausage BBQ Sticks (mild or hot)
TURI Rice&Liver Sausage
TURI Liver Pate (smoked or plain) 


Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary has been a food bowl of the region for centuries – mixing local traditions with the foreign influences that come from shared borders, as well as centuries of travellers from Asian, African, and Middle-Eastern nations as well. All of this has combined to create special flavours that make our dishes so unique and tasty today.


Traditions can be easily forgotten in today’s world, but as we have moved our family to New Zealand, we’ve found it even more important to keep our history alive. Our family is from Alfold or The Great Plain. Growing up, every winter season, there would be a ceremonial and communal pig slaughter. We watched from the sidelines as children until we were old enough to start lending a hand.

Every village family has a secret recipe, which is followed precisely through the entire process. Every step is carefully considered – the cutting and processing, the quantity and quality of pork meat and fat, the type of spices and other ingredients, the time of cooking and smoking, the drying method, and, finally, the serving! The end result for the families is that they had produced enough sausages, salamis, rice&liver sausages (as we call hurka) and other goods to last them until the following winter.

Here in New Zealand, we make our own meat recipes according to our own Hungarian family recipe. The TURI brand name has come from the city we first called home – Mezotur. And the colours have come from our pride in the three colours of the Hungarian flag - red, white, and green.


We can guarantee that you will find this style and unique taste only here from us, and in Hungary :)


Please welcome our fantastic products, which were characterized by a Hungarian customer: oh, that was so delicious, as if I were at home, it made me homesick.

From our home and family to yours, we hope that you enjoy tasting our slice of Europe.

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