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Refund and return policy

We are selling food products, freshly made, short shelflife, or frozen products. 
Every taste may be different from what you already have tasted the original, we use NZ ingredients. 

Every item has labelled, which includes every information about the food (except the baker products) nutrition, directions, contains, packaged day, shelflife, and our contacts.

1) What items can be returned and refund the money :
After purchase within 12 hours has recognised - mouldy, rotten, bad products, or inedible for good reason (unexpected things in the food).  

2) What items can be exchanged :
If the customer would like,  the mouldy, rotten products without refund. 

3) What products are “final sale” (i.e., non-returnable, non-exchangeable) :
Bargain sale and knew purchased close to expired products. 

4) In what condition can items be returned :
with tags still on, original packaging, original condition, full or small amount missed products.

5) How to initiate a return or exchange :
Via email, or via the website contact form, within 12 hours from the purchase. In case of the delivery, within 12 hours from the hand.

With the order, you agree to our refund and return policy. 

The above is valid from 01/06/2021.
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