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I have always loved to cook, cook and experiment with new and different flavours.

We moved to New Zealand 9 years ago. As soon as we settled down and looked around, we started to feel the lack of Hungarian flavours 😊

I remember making sausage for the first time. We minced the meat with a manual meat grinder, bought in the $ 2 shop. It was slow and complicated, and we couldn't use it for a second time because by then it was completely rusty :D

The sausage, on the other hand, turned out really well!

As soon as we could, we bought a more serious electric machine, and in one of the hidden shops, we even found a real Hungarian sausage filler as well.

Our family is a big sausage-making family, like most Hungarian families. Our sausage recipe was refined by our family through the past 150 years.

Our friends loved our products, and we started to make more, even for sale.

One time we managed to buy a real pig from a farm, we also had a traditional Hungarian pigslaugther, sausage, liverwurst, hurka, cooked and bread bacon, pork cheese, fried blood and lard, yummy :D yes, the Hungarian kitchen uses all the parts of the pig.

Around this time, I started to smoke cheese as well, and we have added this to our product list

It all started here….

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Draw on 15 of January 2022.

I will draw two of the $50 vouchers for what you can use for any products in my webshop. Details on the website

The weekly menu is back from this Friday!

Welcome back again to every new and old customer :)

Contactless pick up in Pakuranga, or deliver in Manukau.

If you would like to know about my other products have a look at my website.

I can offer you a wide type of products, beginning from the small goods, through the smoked cheeses, sweets, to the finger food catering.

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Let’s try something new!

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