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How did I become a chef?

Fortunately, many people know me already, and more and more people are getting familiar with the delicacies that I make.

I receive a lot of nice feedback; which makes me feel that I have made the right choice, when I decided to turn away from my previous qualification a few years ago and started my studies, of becoming a chef.

I always wanted to be a confectionery, that was my secret dream, but it soon became clear that here in New Zealand you have to be a chef first and only after, can specialize in patisserie, so I started from the basics.

And why have I made that decision?

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Hungarikum actually is a legal collective term that indicates a value that is typically Hungarian uniqueness and specialty.

Do you like a spicy hot flavor? I mean a really spicy one? Yeah, the Hungarian people do :D

Some facts:

- Erős Pista translates as ‘Strong Steve’ (though absolutely nobody calls it that) Strong, "Erős" is meaning the pungent flavor.

- They make five times spicier paprika mix also, which call "Haragos Pista". We can translate Angry Steve :) Angry, "Haragos" means more pungent taste. Five times angrier taste.

-this is a condiment that is too thick to be a sauce, too pungent to be spread like butter.

- contains only crushed, raw, spicy paprika (87%) from Hungary and salt

- It can be used for all kinds of meals that cannot miss the fresh, delicious flavor of strong pepper.

- they exported to more than 20 countries in the world (It is available in New Zealand also)

Which one would you try? Eros or Haragos Pista?

And for now, enough from the pungent taste, next time let see the sweets :)

Next Hungarikum is the Cake Dobos

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