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Our TURI Salami product is a remarkably rich and unique taste. 
Our family recipe has developed over several years until the combinations of the spices have given to us this aromatic, a unique taste given tasting rich salami.

The well respected, classic, original winter salami has origins in our homeland Hungary. That unique salami is prepared using an age-old recipe, as master charcuterers first infuse fresh pork with a secret combination of spices, followed by cold-smoking. The unique micro-climate created by the nearby Tisza river, together with the traditional production methods, ensure the development of salami with a special flavour, aroma and appearance. The surface is evenly covered with a greyish-white noble mould. 

This fantastic flavour always missed for the Hungarian and the European people, live they in anywhere in the world. 


Our TURI salami can present this taste.

We hand select specific pork meat, mixed with fatback, ground and spiced with our special spices and herbs, and stuffed into natural or collagen casings, then cold-smoked with manuka chips, and air-dried for about 2 weeks to bring to maturity.

Because of the preparing method, the salami is a tender and tasty product together.

Perfect for on antipasto or serve with a glass of wine.

Try on sandwiches, pizza, with cheese and sauces.


  • Fresh product, air-dried for about 4 weeks to bring to maturity.

    One piece around  200 g.

    NO preservatives, NO chemicals, Gluten-free product

    100% handcrafted products. Unique, lightly smoked pork salami with special spices and herbs.

    Contains: pork meat (70%), pork fat (29%), peppers, salt, paprika, garlic, herbs, and nutmeg, in natural pork or collagen casing.   

    Smoked with Manuka wood chips, in cold smoker.

    During the storage the salami will be drier, will lose some moisture, which is totally normal.

    On the skin sometime could appear thin white mould powder. Until it is only white powder, and doesn't turn to coloured, that doesn't ruin the taste of the sausage. Please remove the skin (you can find the easiest way within the FAQ).


  • Ready to eat.

    The natural casing skin is eidable, but more confortable if you remove that before eat.

    The collagen casing isn`t eideble. Remove that before eat.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Consume cold, thinly sliced

    Best before 65 days from the package day.

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