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Our TURI liver pate product has made from selected quality and double grounded ingredients.

Cooked pork liver, meats, and fat, added fried onion and the finest spices and herbs.  
The pate is incredible delicious per se, but we can increase the taste: with light Manuka wood smoke. 
You must try both versions.

Our products are more than a simple pork liver pate. Inside of the taste, there has our tradition of the family method. 

Every village family has a secret recipe, which is followed precisely through the entire process.


100 Grams
  • Avaiable fresh or frozen. Please stipulate.

    One piece around 150 g.

    NO preservatives, NO chemicals, Gluten-free product

    100% handcrafted products. Unique, pork liver pate with special herbs.

    Smoked with Manuka wood chips, in cold smoker.

    Contains: pork liver (50%), pork meat (35%), pork fat (24%), onion, spices, garlic, herbs, in natural pork casing. 

  • Fresh products:

    Keep in fridge until use.

    Eat within 5 days. You can place in freezer.

    Frozen products:

    Keep frozen until use. Best before 6 months from the package day.

    Defrost in the fridge on the previous day.

    Must not freeze back after defrosted!

    After defrosting eat within 3-5 days.

    Ready to eat. Consume cold, slice thiny sliced with bread, toast, crakers. Perfect offer in antipasto plate. 


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