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The very famous Hungarian kids-delicacy the "Turo Rudi" chocolate bar ONLY HERE is available in New Zealand. 

This bar is unique: in crispy dark chocolate shells, sweet, vanilla, and lemon-flavored handmade quark mixture. For this products I use sugarfree dark chocolate button and sugar free chrystal.


100 % handcrafted products.

Time to try the most liked sweet of Hungary.


Don't miss them!

Sugarfree 2RO BAR - Vanilla flavored cottage cheese chocolate

25 Grams
  • 25 g each.

    100% handcrafted products.

    Allergens: dairy, lemon

    Contains: milk, lemon, vanilla essence,  sugar, dark chocolate

  • Fresh products.

    Best before 8 days from the package day.

    Keep in fridge.

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