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Hungarian people love smoke offerings, such as meat, fish, vegetables, spices and imparticular cheeses.​

The smoking gives the extra taste to the cheeses and makes cheese lovers very happy.


The delicious Alpine Mild Cheddat cheese is absolutely delicious flavour, and now imagine that as smoked...


All products are smoked with the famous, new Zealander wood, the Manuka wood chips.


Don't miss it, the Manuka smoke gives an unbelievable taste. ​​

The manufactured product remains the same apart from being smoked.


250 Grams
  • Alpine product - CHEDDAR cheese - 250 gr

    (The main information from the product is same with the origin products.) Ingredients: Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Cultures, Enzyme (Non-Animal Rennet) Contains: Milk and milk products .100% natural cheddar, “It’s right up there”, Mild flavoured cheddar cheese, No artificial colours or flavours, Halal approved, Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten free

    Smoked by Szilvia`s Little Kitchen with Manuka wood chips, in cold smoker, half day long.

  • Keep refigerated.

    Ready to eat.

    Consume cold, thinly sliced

    Vacuum sealed package. Keep refrigerated, best before 6 months from the package.

    After opening keep in airtight container. Use by 15 days from the opening.    

    Try for breakfast, with bread or crakers. Put in salad, or eat how you usually eat :)

    Bon Apetit !

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