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Smoked Back Fat, oh yes this part of the pork is a real delicacy in my country.

It is very popular in the summer, skewer to them and fry over an open fire. The fried fat will drip on fresh bread, the fried backfat is placed on and we fry the onion and tomatoes over an open fire also. 
This cooking method brings a real magical atmosphere in the nights.

Also can use for topping the favourite meals with small fried cubes :)
Give some salty and crispy extra for your meals.


  • One piece around 250 g.

    NO preservatives, NO chemicals, Gluten-free product

    100% handcrafted products.

    Contains: hand cutted pork back fat, salt

    Smoked with Manuka wood chips, with cold smooker.



  • Fresh products.

    Keep refigerated.

    Ready to eat, or you can fry it.

    Consume cold, thinly sliced or cubed. 

    Best before 25 days from the package day.

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