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YAY the spring is coming 😊


Hungarian Menu every Wednesday


Try this really unique, new taste.


Do not cook in the middle of the week!


Don`t hesitate to order!


Order until 3 of September

  • four portions only for $79
  • two portions only for $39
  • one portion only for $22

And you will get on 7th September, Wednesday a fantastic dinner


On Wednesday pick up/deliver after 5 pm.

Contactless pick up in Pakuranga Heights, or deliver in Manukau.


The set includes:

-  Rich ham and sauerkraut soup – Káposztás leves  

Contains: gluten, dairy, onion, garlic


- Chestnut puree with whipped cream – Gesztenyepüré tejszínhabbal  

Contains: dairy, nuts


Order here NOW


ILet’s try something new! Order before Sunday!



For 7th September - Hungarian Menu Set

PriceFrom $22.00
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