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One of the famous dessert in Hungary, after lunch, after dinner, or just any occassion. 


This dessert is a soft, sweet and rum flavoured creamy chestnuts puree, which is serve with whipped cream:  absolutely delicious!


It is available dairy-free and sugar-free version.


Time to try the most liked sweet of Hungary, ONLY here in New Zealand.


100 % handcrafted products.


Don't miss them!


PriceFrom $30.00
100 Grams
  • 100 g 

    Fresh or frozen product, please stipulate.

    100% handcrafted products.

    Allergens: dairy, nuts

    Contains: chestnut, milk, water, vanilla paste, rum essence,  sugar, butter

    Dairy-free products contains: chestnut, soy milk, water, vanilla paste, rum essence, sugar, Nuttelex Spread buttery

    Sugar-free products contains: chestnut, milk, water, paste, rum essence, Naturals Sugar Substitute Sugar Free Crystals, butter

  • Fresh products:

    Keep in fridge until use.

    Eat within 8 days. You can place in freezer.

    Frozen products:

    Keep frozen until use. Defrost in the fridge on the previous day.

    Must not freeze back after defrosted!

    After defrosting eat within 5 days.

    Best before 6 months from the package day.

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