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Warning! It is a Hungarikum!


Hungarikum actually is a legal collective term that indicates a value that is typically Hungarian uniqueness and specialty. I would like to introduce you to some typical Hungarikum in the following weeks.

Christmas time is just over, so I start with a traditional Christmas treat, with an SZALONCUKOR. It is a Hungarikum.

Some incredible facts: - Every year, almost a kilo and a half of it are consumed per household during the Christmas season - More than 9 billion forints (40 million dollars) worth of this candy are purchased. - We hang these candies on the Christmas tree because they are shiny and colorful. - The tradition started in the 19th century. - It was named szaloncukor because the tree usually stood in the parlor (szalon in Hungarian; Cukor means "sugar" or "candy") - At present, the most popular filling are jelly, coconut, and marzipan. Originally made of fondant, covered by chocolate, and wrapped in shiny colored foil. - In addition, every year unique flavors of szaloncukor are produced as well, such as very weird taste.

Actually, any taste what you can imagine it is available. Well-known are the uniquely spicy chocolate flavors. In Hungary they lifted this up to the next level, filled the szaloncukor with "Eros Pista" taste which is a really hot paprika mix, it is usually used for food seasoning.

And this is not enough in the collection they put two of "Haragos Pista" flavors szaloncukor, which is five times hotter! Crazy people :D

And warning! The Eros Pista is Hungarikum also! I will share some information about that the next time.

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