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Are you tired of the weekly meals?


Here is a next dinner option for you: Hungarian Menu Set


Order until 3 of November

four portions only for $70

one portion only for $20

And you will get on 5 of November a fantastic dinner


The set includes:

- Traditional Hungarian Chicken and Vegetable Consommé with Semolina dumplings

In Hungary this rich soup is very famous as a Sunday lunch.

The soft semolina dumpling and all other complements so well each other! The best if it is really hot😊


- A sample of TURI Smoked Salami

The well-respected, classic, original winter salami has origins in our homeland Hungary. That unique salami is prepared using an age-old recipe, as master charcutiers first infuse fresh pork with a secret combination of spices, followed by cold-smoking. The unique micro-climate created by the nearby River Tisza, together with the traditional production methods, ensure the development of salami with a special flavour, aroma and appearance. Our family recipe has developed over several years until the combinations of the spices have given to us this aromatic, a unique taste given tasting rich salami. The inimitable smoked flavour is coming from the famous New Zealand Manuka wood.


- One Cheese roll per portion

For the absolute cheese lover!

Crispy gold rolls filled with cheese cream, which cooked from four different cheese together for the creamy, buttery filling.


Contactless pick up in Pakuranga, or deliver in Manukau.


If you would like to know about my other products have a look at my website. I can offer you wide type of products, beginning from the small goods, through the smoked cheeses, sweets, to the finger food catering.


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Let’s try something new! Order your next Friday dinner NOW.



Hungarian Menu Set

PriceFrom $20.00
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