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Are you tired of the weekly meals?


Here is the chance to try something new 😊


New dinner option for you: Hungarian Menu Set


Order until 10 of November

four portions only for $79

one portion only for $22

And you will get on 12 of November a fantastic dinner


The set includes:

- Traditional Hungarian Cabbage Stew with Pork

If you like sauerkraut, you have to try it. It is made with soured cabbage and tender stewed pork meat, often seen on the Christmas table too. Usually prepared in large quantities then reheated thoroughly with a bit of water the next day(s) again.  Custom says the more you reheat this dish the better it tastes.  Recommended serve with chilled sour cream and fresh white bread.


- Sweet chestnut pure with whipped cream

One of the famous desserts in Hungary, after lunch, after dinner, or just any occasion.

This dessert is a soft, sweet, and rum-flavoured creamy chestnuts puree, which is served with whipped cream:  absolutely delicious!


- Salty pretzel sample

 A bite-size soft and salty pretzel very famous snack. The taste is very delighted, and you can't stop eating 😊


Contactless pick up in Pakuranga, or deliver in Manukau.


If you would like to know about my other products have a look at my website. I can offer you wide type of products, beginning from the small goods, through the smoked cheeses, sweets, to the finger food catering.


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Let’s try something new! Order your next Friday dinner NOW.



For 12 of November - Hungarian Menu Set

PriceFrom $22.00
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