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Hi everyone, I am coming now with an incredible traditional dish! 😊


New dinner option for you: Hungarian Menu Set

Order until 17 of November

four portions only for $80

one portion only for $22

And you will get on 19 of November a fantastic dinner


The set includes:


- Traditional Hungarian Fried Sausage and Rice&Liver Sausage with roasted onion flavored mashed potato and steamed red cabbage

This combination of food traditionally appears on the table in the Christmas period of every Hungarian family. In Hungary, Christmas is in the middle of the winter. This season is perfect for pig slaughter, which is a tradition. The sausages are made from fresh pork meat, and to that is perfect matches the mashed potato and the steamed red cabbage.


- Strawberry and pistachio tiramisu

Wow, that sounds such fantastic!  And this flavor this together! Just yummy. Must try!


- Gingerbread of the Christmas


Christmas is coming, so why not make a gingerbread of Christmas version :) This is a tradition in Hungary also. There has a little difference in the taste, have a try that.

Order here NOW

Contactless pick up in Pakuranga, or deliver in Manukau.


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19 of November - Hungarian Menu Set

PriceFrom $22.00
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